Fruits Basket Season 2 Premier in Theaters; Dub Streaming in April 2020

Season 2 of Fruits Basket is going to launch with a bang! Both Crunchyroll and Funimation have announced that season two (both Dub and Sub) will begin streaming on their platforms on April 6, 2020. Season one of Fruits Basket was done as a simuldub, and while there has been no official confirmation (not listed on Funimations Simuldub list either) that it will happen for all of season two, all signs reasonably point to yes. Given that season one was, and season two will have the dub and sub air at the same time initially, it’s pretty safe to assume we will see the whole season as a simuldub.

Catch Season 2 in Theaters

To kick off the launch of Season 2, Funimation is also premiering the first three episodes of Season two in select theaters across America! The dubbed screening will be on March 30 and the subtitled screening will be on March 31. Keep in mind that these dates may also be changed due to impact from the coronavirus. Tickets and additional information for the screening can be found here.

Check out the trailer for Fruits Basket Season 2 (sorry, no dubbed trailer yet):

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